Think U Need UCaaS? Try Cloud VoIP FTW!

We try to simplify communication with acronyms and abbreviations. Texting lingo such as FTW (for the win) and LOL (laughing out loud) saves on keystrokes, but often leaves me SMH (shaking my head). It is possible to simplify without shortcuts, and it is important to know when simple is not only sufficient, but exactly what you need. As a small business owner, you are bombarded with choices in communication. Companies will tell you that you need everything under the sun to make your business successful. One of these recommendations may be UCaaS. Yes, the abbreviation is simple, but the idea may not be right for your small business.

UCaaS is an acronym for Unified Communications as a Service.

UCaaS provides cloud-based integration of communication tools including:

  • phone services
  • instant messaging
  • voice mail
  • video conferencing
  • audio conferencing
  • web conferencing

UCaaS solutions can be utilized on an end user’s computer, tablet, desk phone or smart phone.

It is easy to see that such a platform would be useful for large companies with hundreds or thousands of employees and customers to connect. Large organizations that require enterprise communication solutions can benefit from UCaaS. Connecting large numbers of people across the country or across the globe takes substantial investment of resources and technology.

Investment in UCaaS is not necessary and may not be feasible for smaller companies.

The 30.7 million small businesses in the U.S. account for 99.9 percent of all U.S. businesses. The largest share of these companies have 20-99 employees. If you are in the initial stages of developing your business, such as a start-up, you don’t need UCaaS. It is not intended for use in small teams or companies, but rather for large companies that desire more control over communications procedures or regulations. So if you represent that 0.1% of businesses, you should check out the advantages that UCaaS can offer.

Keep communication solutions simple.

For the 99.9% of U.S. businesses that have less than 500 employees, Gabbit recommends that you keep your communication solutions simple. VoIP phone systems are a great option for small businesses. Interpersonal communication is vital for small businesses, and the ability to work from your office or remotely is a needed feature. VoIP services generally cost less than traditional phone services because there are fewer fees and add-ons. Gabbit’s small business VoIP services handle the maintenance and management of your phone system from us as part of your monthly plan. It is affordable and predictable.

Gabbit’s VoIP can grow with you

Maybe you don’t plan on being a small business forever. No worries. Gabbit’s VoIP can grow with you. Our system is easily scalable and packed with features. Our Wheels Up Services Features are exactly what you need such as unlimited voicemail boxes, unlimited auto attendants, music-on-hold, phone customizer, smartphone app and much more. Find out about the smart and effective solutions that Gabbit can provide your small business.

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