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How many users ?

Gabbit RingCentral Vonage Nextiva
Cost per seat $10 $34.99 $29.99 $24.95
Cost per line (call path) $26 Included Included Included
Estimated taxes and fees 18% $0 $346.40 $296.90 $247.01
Total cost per month(55 seats, 15 phone lines) $925 $2270.85 $1946.35 $1619.26

Why is Gabbit so much less expensive when the features and service are much the same?

Because most providers price their product by the “seat” or “user” and sell what they call UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service). This is the first way that they get you to overpay. The critical question is how many phone calls does your company make at a time? It’s rare that every employee with a phone is on a call at the same time. Most businesses use far fewer lines than the number of phones they have.  So why pay for everybody to have their own phone line? Most VoIP providers don’t want you asking this question. You should be paying for what you need, not more than you will ever use. This is why Gabbit charges by the line separate from the user.

Another “gotcha” to be aware of is that most providers don’t include fees and taxes in their advertised prices or price quotes. Taxes in the phone service business can be quite high. Company’s must pay federal and local taxes and fees for the services they provide. This can add on average 18% to your bill.

So, if you get a quote for $35 per seat, your bill will likely be closer to $42. Non-profit organizations are not exempt from these fees and taxes. Be sure to get a quote including the taxes. Gabbit includes all of the required taxes in our stated price.

Gabbit offers every business multiple pricing options, including discounted equipment based on term length, equipment leasing & rentals, and multi-year term discounts.

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