Happy Customers

Our Gabbit customers wear many hats – some make delicious food, while others will help you get well soon. Whoever you are and whatever you do, we’re here for you! Happy

From restaurant owners to lawyers, store owners to realtors –
see who else has made the switch to Gabbit!

My best work is done when I’m not in the office. The reliability and flexibility Gabbit gives my business is great. Gabbit’s service is awesome and they are there if we ever need them – FAST! We are pleased with everything.

Ed Miranda , KMI Construction

Every call is important to my business. Missing one can mean lost revenue. Gabbit makes certain all calls come through, even when our internet isn’t working. It’s great! Their team is responsive and the service is first-class. We are happy we made the switch.

Rick Lages , Onesta Construction

As a small business owner, cost is always a factor. I have often found that saving a dollar costs me two dollars later. But with Gabbit I have been pleasantly surprised to get both cost savings AND top shelf service. Our phone system needs have taken some twists and turns, but Gabbit has never failed to meet our needs. I would HIGHLY recommend Gabbit.

Carolyn Mania, Clarity Street Realty

I switched four lines over to Gabbit from the phone company. Now I’m saving over $1,000 a year and I have a lot more features than before. Their service is great, too. I’m planning on moving my lines in other locations to Gabbit as well.

Mark Jaffe, Urban Dwellers

Gabbit has created a custom phone system at each of our restaurants, working hand-in-hand with us to reach perfect functionality.  And if there is ever any issue with our phones or Internet my Gabbit rep is an email or phone call away from a quick solution. I never thought it was possible to feel spoiled by your phone provider!

As a restaurant owner, the last thing I need is a high maintenance phone system.  Gabbit’s service is easy to use, easy to adapt to our needs, and inexpensive.  And if there is ever an issue with my phone system, my Gabbit rep is there with a solution that very day.

Lynn Weller, Wasabi

I’m really happy with Gabbit. They provide great service for 50% less than I was paying the phone company. Their call quality is great and I even got to keep my phone equipment! Gabbit has even solved problems with my network that weren’t related to my phone service. What other company would that? Thanks, Gabbit!

Gabbit has built the ideal solution for our restaurants. Their system can handle my fax orders, alarm, and multiple locations…and they deliver it with great local service at an amazing price. And their simplified billing and online portal makes managing the phone service across my six locations a snap.

We have been with Gabbit for 4 months. When we decided to go with them, my Gabbit rep came to see me, answered my questions, and explained how everything works. Installation was quick and easy, and we could begin using the service immediately. We love Gabbit’s local service and face-to-face training. Thanks, Gabbit!

Cheri Long, Vidan Chiropractic

I was frustrated with the cable company who had my phone business. Gabbit’s service is simple and reliable and their numerous features are an asset to my business. No longer do I have to call the office for my important messages, they follow me wherever I am! This flexibility allows me to serve my clients better. I’m really happy with Gabbit!

Gabbit is the best of all worlds for our law firm. Not only are our bills down 50%, Gabbit delivers all of the functionality and professionalism of a robust phone system without the complexity and high maintenance costs we experienced with our prior vendor.

Kenneth Schwartz, Schwartz & Schwartz

Cutting our phone bill down by nearly 60% was an obvious choice in going with Gabbit. Seeing how well they performed in our transition, though, gave us an almost unfamiliar peace of mind that we’re finally in good hands when it comes to our business phone service.

I’ve built my business over 29 years by knowing all the details and aspects of the carpet industry. Gabbit has that same attention to detail: They explained all the benefits of their phone service and answered all my questions, then built a customized system that meets our needs. Gabbit cares about my business as if it were their own. They are great!

John Baur, JNH Carpets

With Gabbit my business is saving over $1500 per year, our service is better and they even advised me on how I could cut back on the number of phone lines we needed. When was the last time your phone company advised you to cut back on their service?!

Hillary Dutcher, Ivy Hill

Gabbit is saving me $360 a year compared to the cable company who had my business. Gabbit moved my numbers over, gave me a bunch of features that I used to pay extra for and our calls are crystal clear. I didn’t think with just two lines we could save that much every year but Gabbit came through.

Steve Hewkin, Hewkin Autobody

Our business needed phone service and Gabbit was ready to help. They were prompt, responsive and worked hard to customize service for our specific needs. Above all else, they saved us a lot of money, and any small business can appreciate the value in that. We couldn’t be happier to be a part of the Gabbit network.

Randy &Jeff Vines, STL Stylehouse