Planning for the Future: Hybrid Workforce

In-office + Remote = Hybrid

Remote work skyrocketed when the world all but shut down due to COVID-19. Many companies quickly adapted to an off-site workforce without considering that this practice might become the new norm. Over two years into the pandemic, it is safe to say that remote and hybrid work are here to stay. As we settle into this remote routine, it is important for organizations to integrate hybrid working into their long-term plans. Fortunately, it comes with surprising advantages.

Hybrid Workforce Advantages

Planning for a hybrid workforce requires different thinking than traditional business practices. Cybersecurity is brought to the forefront with employees accessing information remotely. Leadership will have to redefine collaboration with reallocation of physical office areas and flexible workspace design. Most importantly, companies that embrace hybrid work need to maintain communications with state-of-the-art technology and portable options.

Flexibility is one of the most desired benefits for job seekers.

Almost half of American workers would take a lower salary if remote or hybrid options were available. This reflects the growing importance of work life balance among employees. Your employees can avoid the stress of a commute and minimize workplace distractions. Happier employees result in less turnover, increased productivity and better efficiency overall.

Companies can save money in many ways by adopting a hybrid workforce.

Your organization will already be adding profits due to improved performance. Saving money comes from dramatic reductions in office supplies, utilities and maintaining physical space that used to house your employees.

Remote and hybrid work opportunities are great for the environment.

Less cars on the road mean reduced carbon emissions and pollution. Carbon dioxide emissions dropped over 5% during 2020 directly because we stayed put during coronavirus lockdowns. A hybrid workforce is one way to show your company is committed to the health of our planet.

A hybrid workforce is good
for your company and employees.

With thoughtful direction and the right technology, a permanent remote workplace can be a solid decision. Make Gabbit a part of your long term plans with VoIP communication services. We’ll show you how our cloud based phone solutions keep your remote work force in touch.

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