New 557 Area Code Coming to St. Louis

Phone numbers have greatly transformed since first assigned to businesses in Lowell, Massachusetts in 1879. Letter and number combinations in the 1940s gave way to the first area code assigned in 1951. Seventy years later in October 2021, ten-digit dialing became the norm across the United States. The push to eliminate seven-digit local dialing was necessary to accommodate the new 988 abbreviated dialing code for the national suicide prevention and mental health crisis hotline that went live on July 15, 2022. There are 335 area codes in use in America today, and another one is coming to St. Louis.

The 557 area code is coming to the St. Louis region

As early as August 12, 2022, the 557 area code is coming to the St. Louis region. It will coexist with the 314 area code in St. Louis City and St. Louis County. The Missouri Public Service Commission originally adopted a plan for another area code to coincide with the 314 area code in October 2000. This decision was delayed by the Commission to test the effectiveness of telephone number conservation efforts. Those efforts gave another twenty years to the life of the 314 area code.

According to the North American Numbering Plan Administrator, the last of the 314 phone numbers will be exhausted by the third quarter of 2022. Once the 314 numbers run dry, new phone numbers will be assigned the 557 area code. Existing phone numbers will not be affected.

The Missouri Public Service Commission offers these tips to remember as the changes are rolled out:

  • No number change

Telephone numbers, including current area code, will not change.

  • No price change

The price of a call, coverage area, or other rates and services will not change due to the overlay.

  • Local calls stay local

If it is a local call now, it will remain a local call.

  • 10 digits for local calls and 1+10 digits for long-distance calls

As with all customers, those making calls in the overlay region must dial 10 digits for local calls and 1+10 digits for long-distance calls.

  • Three-digit abbreviated dialing will continue to work

Three-digit abbreviated dialing such as 911, 988 and 211, 311, 411, 511, 611, 711, or 811 (where in use) will continue to work and not be affected.

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