A Mobile Workforce Benefits Your Organization

In 2020, telecommuting went from a rare perk to a mandatory component of the workplace because of the COVID pandemic. Pre-pandemic, less than 10% of America’s workforce enjoyed a schedule open to remote work. In April 2022, over 65% of workers in the United States work remotely at least one day a week. Most of America is back in business, and the remote workforce is still in full force for many organizations. Now that it is no longer a necessity, companies are considering their reasons to maintain a mobile work environment.

Remote work opportunities allow employees to work outside of a central location.

Variations include a full schedule working from home to one or two days in the office per week. The benefit of work life balance for employees is tremendous, but there are also benefits for employers. That is especially important in this competitive job market when companies need every advantage to attract the best and brightest candidates.

Here are the top five reasons to keep a mobile workforce part of your company strategy:

1.) You will improve employee morale, loyalty and retention.

Remote workers tend to be healthier mentally and physically when compared to their office counterparts. Happier employees do better work and get better scores in annual reviews. Happy employees also stay in their positions 55% longer than their less than satisfied coworkers. High employee retention saves your organization the resources it take to fill open positions.

2.) Your bottom line will reap the benefits of a remote workforce.

Each person that works from home or outside the office means one less person for which a company has to supply physical space, a desk and chair, air conditioning, etc. Overhead is reduced dramatically when you use less energy and infrastructure. You’ll save on everything from copy paper to your weekly bottled water delivery.

3.) Your employees will establish connections and build communication skills.

Office gossip can be a thing of the past when employees are chatting via web conference instead of in the hallway. A mobile work force communicates with purpose with less time wasted. Remote employees also enjoy less distraction from loud copiers and lost visitors looking for someone. Establishing connections in a traditional office environment can be daunting and is less of a priority than meeting deadlines. Telecommuting demands collaboration and removes perceived boundaries between employees present in a physical workplace. The result is diversity and innovation.

4.) Your employees perform better with remote work.

A mobile workforce makes up to 40% fewer mistakes than typical office employees. Higher productivity results from lower absenteeism and even tardiness that results from a bad commute.

5.) You will have access to larger pool of potential employees and attract highly qualified candidates.

An old school 9 to 5 work week in a shiny downtown high rise restricts the talent pool and alienates tech savvy and/or family oriented individuals who prefer flexibility. Remote options are attractive to job candidates, and you can consider candidates outside of the immediate geographic area. With more possibilities, you have a better opportunity to find the person with the exact education and experience your company needs.

Remember that a remote workforce
won’t be any good to you if you cannot connect.

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