A Quick Look at Hot Desking

Many companies are still adjusting to the changing workplace following the COVID pandemic. Forced shutdowns meant quick decisions to go remote that completely changed the face of America’s corporate environment. Some organizations downsized their physical locations and rearranged cubicles to adjust to their telecommuting staff. Now that America is back in business, the need to accommodate flexible schedules has resulted in sharing space known as hot desking.

Hot desking is a novel organizational method some businesses use in place of assigned seating.

Multiple coworkers use the same physical desk space and computer at different times of day or days of the week. When any employee comes into the office, they select any available desk when they arrive. That employee will utilize the workspace in whatever capacity they need to complete their tasks. Your company might have several cubicles for computer work with separate areas for those who need to hold a meeting or make phone calls or web meetings.

Advantages to hot desking for employers include conservation of resources in terms of less space and less required equipment.

Less equipment also means using less resources to maintain and repair it as well. Employees in a hot desking environment tend to take better care of their work spaces and also connect with people whom they would not normally engage. Moreover, this flexibility allows your employees to sit near a window, away from an air conditioning vent, or any preferred location.

Hot desking is best accomplished with the right tools
such as laptops or adjustable furniture.

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