Is VoIP Secure?

When Alexander Graham Bell was granted a patent for the acoustic telegraph in 1875, security was likely not an overwhelming concern. However, after a century and a half of technological advancement, communication security is not only a concern; it is often the most critical factor in choosing VoIP service.

Business owners want to be assured that VoIP service is reliable and secure before they commit to dumping their landlines. The experts at Gabbit want you to know your concerns are valid. Our VoIP services offer state-of-the-art defense mechanisms and are an important part of your overall cybersecurity plan.

Landlines are the good ol’ boys of communication.

Telephone wires stretch across the globe and connect handset to handset. This physical connection makes landlines quite secure. To intercept voice calls, one must actually hack into the wires. This technology may be safe, but it is also quite limiting. If you only need voice calls, landlines serve this purpose. Today’s businesses, however, need texting, video, and web communication services that are best provided with the reliability of VoIP.

VoIP communication uses the Internet.

Digital calls are made using packet switching. This is when voice data is broken into smaller packets and transmitted over the Internet to the receiving party. They are then reassembled and transferred into understandable voice communication. VoIP encryption is an integral part of keeping your VoIP communication safe. Encryption scrambles the voice data packets described above so that they make no sense to a potential hacker. In addition, end-to-end encryption directly encrypts communication between the sender and recipient. This means that your data is only decrypted when it reaches the recipient.

VoIP security is a crucial component of your company’s cybersecurity plan. VoIP phone services from Gabbit offer real-time monitoring of calling plan usage, encryption to prevent eavesdropping, secure voicemail, and more. Your company is also essential in maintaining security for your communications.

For example, here are three critical steps your organization can take to maximize security:

  • Require strong passwords

Safer passwords have a combination of letters, numbers, and characters. Instruct your employees not to store their passwords in Word or Excel files and direct them not to write them down on Post-It notes next to the keyboard.

  • Keep computer systems up to date

No matter what operating system is used at your business, ensure the software is updated as recommended. This includes not only computers and laptops but also tablets and cell phones. Many operating system updates are explicitly designed to quell a potential threat, and updating against malicious software is an easy way to avoid potential dangers.

  • Educate your employees about potential dangers

Train your staff to spot phishing emails and discourage downloading programs or data without permission. Encourage your workforce to report odd behavior, such as missing voicemails or digital malfunctions. Most importantly, make certain your employees know who to contact when a cybersecurity breach is suspected.

You know that VoIP phone systems offer unique and countless benefits
over traditional phone lines, including reliable service,
cost savings, and increased productivity.

Cloud-based phone communication is also very secure. Contact Gabbit today so we can explain how our advanced VoIP technology can keep your company’s communication fast and secure. Security is always a moving target, but Gabbit stays ahead of potential threats with constant monitoring and network improvements. You will genuinely say more and pay less with Gabbit. Expect nothing less from your VoIP provider. Switch to Gabbit now at 855-542-2248 or