Caller ID and VoIP

If you are a baby boomer or part of Gen X, you likely remember answering your telephone with no clue who was on the other end. With today’s technology, you not only know who is calling, you can silence the phone and even block someone from calling again. Since 1984, caller ID has identified callers and facilitated conversations across the globe. This feature is no longer a luxury. Caller ID is necessary for quick and reliable business communication, and VoIP is no exception.

Current caller ID technology is similar to its original counterpart from the 20th century but offers many more advantages.

Your phone displays the company name when you make and receive business calls on a VoIP system. The system can be configured to display local prefixes in the area you are calling, which helps you relate to the community. Your system can also be adjusted so that regardless of which individual phone number your employees are calling from, your company’s primary name and phone number will be displayed on caller ID.

Music actually gives your callers the perception that time is passing more quickly.

Other benefits of VoIP caller ID include:

  • Increased brand recognition as your company appears when you make outbound calls to current and future customers.
  • Privacy and protection for your employees because their individual phone numbers are not displayed
  • Increased productivity because you get instant identification of incoming callers
  • Professional appearance because your customers get a consistent experience with the same company name appearing on all phone lines

VoIP from Gabbit makes the most of caller ID possibilities with enhanced caller information and multiple ways to customize the display. Caller ID is one of many features available with cloud-based communication technology from Gabbit. Ask our expert staff about unlimited voicemail, unlimited call forwards, unlimited call queues, dial-by-name directory, music-on-hold, and much more.

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