Hosted vs. In-House VoIP: What’s the Difference?

Making the switch to VoIP is a smart choice for your business. Gabbit’s reliable VoIP is cost-effective and offers a number of other benefits, such as the ability to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world, and the ability to integrate with other business applications.

There are two main types of VoIP systems. These are hosted VoIP and in-house VoIP.

Hosted VoIP communication is hosted by Gabbit, so we take care of the so you don’t have to deal with installation and maintenance. In-house VoIP systems are installed and maintained by your own IT department. That puts the burden on you.

Consider these reasons why hosted VoIP is better for your business.

  • Lower upfront costs:

Hosted VoIP systems typically have lower upfront costs than in-house VoIP systems. This is because you do not need to purchase any hardware or software.

  • Easy to set up and maintain:

Hosted VoIP systems are easy to set up and maintain. You do not need to have any special IT skills to get started.

  • Scalable:

Hosted VoIP systems are scalable. This means that you can easily add or remove users as your business grows.

  • Secure:

Hosted VoIP systems are secure. Your calls are encrypted, so you can be confident that they are safe, and that your proprietary information stays in your hands, not the hand of hackers.

The best type of VoIP system for your business
depends on your specific needs and requirements.

If you prioritize a system with lower upfront costs and easy setup and maintenance, then hosted VoIP from Gabbit is exactly the option for you.

Why should you choose Gabbit for your hosted VoIP communication needs?

Reliability is the first reason. Gabbit’s record of reliability is the best in the business. Using your Internet connection, you connect to Gabbit’s VoIP and access any online communication services you need. You save money because you don’t need an onsite server or personnel. Maintenance of the server and security of your data are in the expert hands of Gabbit. Hosted VoIP requires a stable Internet connection to function with plenty of bandwidth. (You can also ask Gabbit about this service, too.)

Gabbit’s hosted VoIP offers the tools your business needs for flawless communication. Gabbit’s Wheels Up program includes popular options from unlimited voicemail boxes and unlimited auto attendants to music-on hold, unlimited call queues and user portal access. From smartphone apps to virtual phone numbers, Gabbit’s hosted VoIP is comprehensive, secure, and flexible.

Gabbit’s cloud-based communication
technology means increased productivity.

It also means clear calls and satisfied clients. So call us today, and let Gabbit show you why our hosted VoIP can make a difference for you and your organization. You can reach us at 855-542-2248 or