10G Internet is Closer than You Think

G is the seventh letter of the alphabet. G is the rating by the Motion Picture Association of America meaning the film is good for general audiences. G is a unit for gravitational acceleration and a musical note. OG is slang for the original. 5G refers to the fifth generation of technology for cellular phones. It is easy to confuse this with 10G, which is poised to be the broadband platform of the future. 10G stands for 10 gigabits and refers to internet speed. While the letter G has prominence in many places, 10G is where it’s at and where it’s going.

10G technology is poised to deliver homes and businesses internet speeds of 10 gigabits per second. That is ten times faster than speeds available today. In 2022, about 95% of Americans are able to access a 10 Mbps (megabits per second) connection and 1 gigabit speeds are available to 80% of the country. Increasing Internet speeds have completely changed the way we work, learn and play. As our speeds transition from connectivity defined by megabits to faster than lightening speeds measured in gigabits, you might wonder what the hype is all about.


10G technology is TEN times
faster than speeds available today


of Americans are able
to access a 10 Mbps


1 gigabit speeds are available
to 80% of the country

Millions of miles of fiber broadband networks have been laid over the last four decades that power our daily movie streaming and homework uploading. Updated hardware and software technology means information is in front of us faster than we can comprehend. It is hard to imagine how much faster it can get. The latest advances in internet communication speed will enable existing networks to deliver 10G speeds in the very near future.

A 10G network will offer four key benefits:

  • More speed.

With existing infrastructure. 10G means existing networks can transmit up to 50% more data and support symmetrical download and upload speeds. Response time shortens to a miniscule millisecond.

  • More capacity.

Fiberoptic networks already handle a large amount of traffic. 10G allows this traffic to double in size, thereby saving energy and costs by not having to change existing infrastructure.

  • Better reliability.

In combination with crazy advances in wi-fi technology, consumer connectivity will be virtually free of freezes, glitches, stoppages and other possible disruptions with 10G service.

  • Safer surfing.

Network management with 10G capability means quicker identification and isolation of security threats that can otherwise cost your business time, resources and loss of valuable information.

During the recent COVID-19 crisis,
the internet became a vital tool in the need for us to remain connected.

The progress toward a 10G reality continued while we stayed in, and we are very close to plugging into this incredible speed in the next few years. Now is the time to prepare for this new wave with VoIP service from Gabbit. Start your technology transformation with our cloud-based services and full communication platform that will serve you in the coming 10G world. Maximize your budget and maximize your connection with our VoIP services for businesses of any size. Say more and pay less with Gabbit. Call us at 844-442-2248 and see how Gabbit will keep you connected.