Voicemail Etiquette

To be a business powerhouse, you invest a lot in your brand. Your goal is a memorable impression that might convey trust, value, warmth, or innovation. All that work can be lost when your voicemail greeting is less than professional. Does your greeting take longer than your wait for a Starbucks latte? Does your caller hear the dog barking in the background? Does your message say you are out on vacation because you forgot to update it? Don’t let lousy voicemail etiquette reflect poorly on your brand. Check out these suggestions to successfully communicate your brand when handling voicemail as a caller and a recipient.

Creating Your Greeting

You should always answer calls from your current or future customers when possible. When you are unable to take a call, be sure the message they hear is clear by following these guidelines.

  • Include necessary information only. Identify yourself and your company. Provide a timeframe on when you can return calls or when you will return. Also provide an alternative contact person in the event an urgent issue arises. You also might want to provide instruction on what information your caller should leave on the voicemail.
  • Keep it under 30 seconds. Keeping your greeting short shows you respect a caller’s time.
  • Write a script and practice it. This will help your message to be clear and concise. Practice will also help you to sound natural and confident.
  • Thank your caller. It is an extra step to show your appreciation that will not go unnoticed.

Managing Your Voicemail

Don’t let your voicemail box become a message graveyard. Here are some tips for efficient management of your voicemail.

  • Check your voicemail regularly. It shows you are responsive and care about your colleagues and clients.
  • Respond to messages promptly. When possible, respond to voicemails within 24 hours, even if you don’t have the answer to a question.
  • Keep your greeting up to date. You don’t want callers to hear you will be back in the office on January 2nd if the are calling in March. Keeping it current will reflect well on your brand and your company.

Leaving a Voicemail

Aim to leave a succinct message with pertinent information. Try these hints:

  • Immediately identify yourself and your company then get quickly to the point of your call. Again, you are showing that the other party’s time is valuable. Rambling voicemails may actually get cut off if they are too long.
  • Make sure you have the correct voicemail. It won’t do any good for either of you if the information you leave is meant for someone else.
  • Speak like you are talking to someone standing in front of you. Use appropriate volume, don’t mumble, and speak slowly.
  • Leave a callback number or another way to contact you, if necessary. You can also let them know that no callback is needed.

Voicemail is a vital tool
in today’s on-the-go environment.

Just as you work hard to maintain a professional yet personable brand, Gabbit works hard to make sure your voicemail is always working for you. Voicemail is just one tool as part of Gabbit’s exceptional VoIP service for business. Contact Gabbit today so we can show you how our cloud-based communication solutions can benefit your organization. You can reach us at 855-542-2248 or sales@gabbit.com.