Recycling Your Old Phone System

Gabbit offers the most reliable and cost-effective VoIP communication services available, and your business can benefit significantly from our advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment. Once you’ve switched to VoIP, you might wonder what you can do with that old and outdated phone equipment.

Here are some points to consider when recycling your phone system:

Find a reputable recycler.

You likely don’t want to add to the nearly 10 million tons of electronic waste Americans throw out each year. Unfortunately, less than 13% of this is recycled. Recycling your old phone system can be part of the solution. A great place to start is with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency resources. Their e-waste recycling website explains the importance of recycling and offers links to programs that can take your outdated phone equipment.

You can also search online for local and regional services specializing in PBX recycling or check with national chain stores such as Best Buy or Office Depot about their e-recycling efforts. In addition, you may want to check if the recycler is certified by a reputable organization, such as the National Electronics Recycling Program (NERP). Benefits of recycling your phone system include conserving resources, protecting the environment, and saving energy.

Consider donating your equipment.

Unless your finger actually has to turn the dial on your office phone, chances are someone can use your phone system. Several services specialize in donations of office and electronic equipment. They sort and distribute your old hardware to non-profit organizations and fledgling businesses that could not otherwise afford such equipment. You can also use the donation as a business tax write-off. If donation of this type is not feasible, look into sending your old phones to a thrift store for use in home offices or post the items for free on Craigslist or a social media marketplace.

Resell your equipment.

If your phone system is in good condition or still relatively new, recoup some of your investment by reselling your equipment. The resale business for used telecommunications hardware is booming. Search for companies that buy this type of equipment, and request quotes from several of them. If you have the time, you can also use platforms like eBay to resell your PBX hardware.

Dispose of your equipment as a last resort.

If your old phone system is no longer working, the landfill may be the only place for it. Make sure you wipe any data from your system. Remove any batteries and dispose of them separately. If you have a medium to large-sized business, there are companies that can remove your equipment and dispose of it safely.

Replacing your outdated communication technology with VoIP
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