Recruiting is Better with VoIP

At only 3.5%, the current U.S. unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in five decades. While this is fortunate for America’s workforce, it presents a challenge to organizations looking to fill multiple roles. Finding qualified employees in today’s competitive climate requires businesses to make every choice count. The decision to switch to VoIP for your business is a smart way to attract quality candidates.

Remember what recruiting was like in the 20th century? Paper resumés were mailed in response to newspaper ads. Hours were spent sorting through submissions with more time spent inviting applicants for in-person interviews. This cumbersome process cost time and money narrowing down the right person for the job. Gabbit’s state-of-the-art tools for collaboration and communication mean your interaction with potential employees is clear and reliable. VoIP is perfect for contacting job applicants and conducting virtual interviews from anywhere.

The flexibility of VoIP service helps your hiring manager stay reachable even when working at home or on the road.

The hiring process is competitive. Offering your best candidate an amazing opportunity is futile if you can’t reach them before they accept another offer. You need to know that your cloud phone technology works when you need it and every time you need it. Gabbit’s VoIP is proven consistently reliable. We keep your business communications running.

Glitch-free VOIP Video Conferencing

You also need to make sure your video conferencing is glitch-free so that your interviewees know that they are a priority.

Freezing screens and dropped connections due to poor service tell your potential candidates that investment in your company is not on the top of your list. Seamless web conferencing from just about anywhere is possible with Gabbit’s award-winning VoIP service. Your recruiting team can concentrate on filling positions and not worry about whether a virtual interview might be cut short because your current phone service is subpar.

Easy to use VOIP Hybrid Phones

Our customers already know that VoIP from Gabbit means the ultimate in flexibility.

With the available smartphone app, your current personnel are free to roam and can stay in touch from home, the office or in between. A hybrid work platform is one of the most requested incentives from job candidates. VoIP makes not only makes work-from-home possible, it makes it a real option to new employees who need that flexibility.

Recruiting is Better with VoIP

Make the complex process of recruiting the best possible candidates for your business easier with Gabbit.

Choose our advanced communication technology to contact, interview and incentivize job applicants. Your future employees will see a company committed to staying at the forefront of technology. They will appreciate the chance to work at an organization offering a hybrid environment.

Gabbit’s VoIP platform that leverages
reliable and proven SIP technology utilizing
the existing Internet connection of your business.

Gabbit is continually expanding our network and add customer requested features, now numbering over 70 unique options. We serve all size businesses across all 50 states. Our service is reliable; our technology is state of the art. We help you attract the rightest and the best candidates. Say more and spend less with Gabbit. Give us a call at 855-542-2248.