MNP, LNP, DNC- What can they be?

It is easy to get lost in industry jargon, and the VoIP realm is no exception. We’re sure you understand that VoIP is better than POTS with the use of SIP then RTP as part of your UCaaS. Gabbit strives to make our business simple to understand and easy to use.

Let’s break down some common acronyms you find when researching VoIP.


Bring Your Own Device

This is when businesses allow employees to use their personal device for both personal and work purposes.


Do Not Call

The Federal Trade Commission oversees The National Do Not Call Registry to give individuals a choice a choice about whether to receive telemarketing calls. Adding your phone number to this registry greatly reduces the number of unsolicited phone calls you receive and provides for penalties for companies that abuse this process.


Internet Service Provider

This is a company that provides customers with Internet access.


Local Number Portability

This s a service that enables users to port their telephone number in between different service providers and geographical locations. It allows users to keep the same land line or phone number.


Mobile Number Portability

This is a service that makes it possible for a subscriber to keep his or her mobile phone number when changing service provider.


Plain Old Telephone Service

This is the predecessor of PSTN that used analog signal transmission over copper loops.


Public Switched Telephone Network

This refers to the traditional circuit-switched telephone network.


Real-time Transport Protocol

This protocol is what actually sends the media when the session is established.


Session Initiated Protocol

This is the protocol that establishes the session between the individuals over the Internet.


Short Message Service

This is commonly known as texting and allows for text only messages between communication devices.


Unified Communications as a Service

 UCaaS provides cloud-based integration of communication tools including phone services, instant messaging, voice mail, video conferencing, audio conferencing, and web conferencing.


Voice over Internet Protocol

This is a comprehensive communication system that encompasses voice, data and video solutions provided over the Internet rather than a traditional phone network.

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