Best VoIP for Small Business

When you research the possibilities that VoIP has to offer, your first step might be to search the Internet for the “best VoIP for small business.” The 20 million results that appear might lead to more questions than answers. What is the smartest way to find the best VoIP for your small business?

Here are the five things you should look for when choosing a VoIP provider for your company, and why your search may not be as complicated as you think.

  • 1.) You want a VoIP provider that saves you money.

VoIP for your small business saves you money in several ways. You spend less on upfront hardware costs when compared to traditional phone service. You save money with easier scaling and flexibility. You are also not paying more for long distance and international calls. Gabbit can save you as much as 40% off of your traditional phone service costs. You won’t pay more for the dozens of features included in our Wheels Up service either. Peace of mind is priceless, and you won’t pay more for it with Gabbit.

  • 2.) You want a VoIP provider that values security.

VoIP security is important, and your provider should be at the forefront of combating cyberthreats. Remote employees are prime targets for cybercriminals, and threats to cloud-based services are a daily occurrence. Gabbit is committed to your security. For example, VoIP transmits data over the internet via packet switching. Here, voice data is broken into smaller packets and sent over the internet where packets are reconnected and transmitted as voice data. Gabbit’s VoIP is encrypted by scrambling these packets into unreadable data jumbles during transit. This prevents them from being intercepted and decoded by cyber criminals. Even if a call is intercepted, the data seized makes no sense to the hacker. Data such as phone numbers and user names are also scrambled to stop message tampering and eavesdropping. Our cloud-based applications are developed with the latest cybersecurity practices in force, and we constantly search for the newest and best practices in keeping your communications secure.

  • 3.) You want a VoIP service that is reliable, especially when it matters the most.

Your VoIP service shields you from unproductive downtime. Make sure your VoIP provider has reliable service in bad weather. When your employees can’t get there or your site loses power, communications come to a halt. With a cloud-based phone system from Gabbit, your cell phone keeps business flowing from any remote location. Our convenient phone app means important business contacts are at your fingertips. our available features include call routing and auto attendants. It answers and routes calls for your business to maintain a professional appearance. Our call forwarding connects incoming calls to any staff member on any device. Calls can be sent to multiple employees, too. If the weather turns into disaster, your response is made easier because your cloud-based system is located off site. Automatically route calls to another office or provide automated messages to your stakeholders. Your business doesn’t stop just because the weather wants it to.

  • 4.) You want a VoIP solution with useful features that enhance collaboration.

Don’t pay more for features you deserve. Gabbit’s popular Wheels Up Service includes features such as unlimited voicemail boxes, unlimited auto attendants and ring groups, music-on hold, dial by name directory, smartphone apps, SMS texting and so much more. Enjoy the flexibility and customizability of virtual phone numbers. Gabbit has the features you want without charging for them individually.

  • 5.) You want a VoIP provider with a proven record of exceptional service.

Gabbit makes your small business a priority, and that is another reason we offer the best VoIP for small business We have designed our services with simplicity and transparency in mind. Our clearly defined, tierless pricing plan delivers savings to small and mid-. largest enterprise customer with locations nationwide. Excellent service is just part of the Gabbit experience. Gabbit has set the bar high for cloud phone support. We are proud that our customer service is U.S. based, and our representatives are courteous and knowledgeable. We are available 24×7. Because our focus is strictly VoIP for business, we are able to provide our customers with world-class service and dozens of features included in the standard price.

Don’t sort through those 20 million search results
when you seek the best VoIP for your small business.

Your business needs results, and you will get them from Gabbit. Let us show you why we are the best VoIP for YOUR small business. Contact us today at 1-855-542-2248, or