Cut your costs.

I’m not going to bury the lead. If you own or run a small business and you’re still using traditional POTS lines, you’re paying too much – often twice what you would pay for VoIP phone service. You could be saving thousands of dollars per year and the call quality is every bit as good.

Features, Features, Features… Oh, did I mention more features?

Most businesses use a handful of features that come standard with analog lines. But, VoIP systems offer features that can enhance your business and your customers’ experience. For example, each of your employees can set up custom rules to ensure that their phone calls always reach them whether they are at their desk, in a conference room or even on their cell phone via a feature called find-me/follow me. VoIP systems also bring enhanced voicemail features like sending all voicemails to your email address as an attachment along with message transcription. Our system now offers more than 100 features and we’re adding more all the time.

Get all of your locations under one phone system

Business with multiple locations can unify their phones under one system with a cloud-based system. Features like an auto-attendant can then be used to route callers to the ideal location by having all of your phone numbers answered with a welcoming message that directs the caller to the desired location. No more asking the caller to hang up and dial a different number and potentially losing their business. You can also cut your costs by combining the number of phone lines you need for your whole organization rather than paying for too many lines at each location.

You don’t have to maintain your old PBX

Traditional PBX systems (that thing on the wall in your back room) are costly to maintain, have limited features and outdated hardware. Lots of small businesses continue to use these systems because they were really expensive to acquire. However, they neglect to see the true cost of ownership in terms of the impact old systems have on their business. Want to make a change to the way your system is programmed? You better call the technician and pay $100 per hour or more for these basic changes. Want to have your voicemail sent to your email? Sorry, that feature isn’t available.

Many small businesses can replace all of this with new VoIP phones for less than the cost of few hours of your PBX technician’s time. And the best part of getting VoIP phones – they support every new feature added to your VoIP providers cloud-based system in the future.

Upgrading is easy and causes no downtime.

Every organization has struggled through technology upgrades. These are often time consuming and distracting to your operation. But moving to a VoIP phone system is easy. Your VoIP company should support remote setup of your new equipment, programming the system to function the way you want it to and many providers offer plug-and-play deployment. The transition can take as little as a few minutes per phone.

There’s no need for new equipment

If you have an analog phone or phone system and you’re not ready to leave the dustbin of history, use an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA). These adapters will let you squeeze more time out of your old equipment and allow you to use a lot of the new features of a cloud-based system. This may sound like a contradiction of what is written above, but if you’re hesitant to ditch that analog gear, there is a baby step in the right direction for your business.