POTS vs VoIP systems

Still holding off on switching to an Internet-based phone system? You’re not serving your customers (or your business) as well as you could be. Here’s a short list of features that would help you serve your customers better and you can’t get any of these with traditional phone lines.

  1. Text messaging from your business phone line (SMS and MMS).

      Cell phones are now ubiquitous and they are the primary way your customers communicate with you. So why not add texting to your business phone line? Gabbit’s users are texting appointment reminders, short answers to basic customer questions and even insurance claim information to their clients. This feature stops the game of phone tag for the simple things and there’s a permanent record of the information communicated.
  2. Time-based routes.

      It’s 5PM and everybody rushes for the door but your receptionist forgot to forward the calls to the answering service. Now you’re at home and realize that your patients can’t reach you. Sound familiar? Instead of making this a responsibility of your employees, set it as a policy on your VoIP system and never wonder about it again. Set routes for holidays, different days of the week, even different hours within a single day. Your POTS line is still learning how to tell time.
  3. Make and receive calls from your office line using your mobile phone.

      With a softphone application on your mobile device, you can make and receive calls from your office land-line. I’m not talking about calls being forwarded to your mobile phone, these are calls placed directly to your office. When you dial out, you’ll be showing the caller ID of your office. As a bonus, if you’re traveling out of the country, you can make free phone calls back home.
  4. A web portal to control all aspects of your phone system.

      It doesn’t matter if you use 10 features or 100, they can all be managed through a user-friendly web portal. If you want your phone line to ring a group of users’ phones but then send the caller to an individual voicemail box when unanswered it’s no problem – just a few mouse clicks and you’re done. Do you want to change the auto-attendant message and menu? Upload a new message through your computer and change how the calls are routed in just a couple of minutes. Are you using music-on-hold to promote a new product? Add the promotion to your music-on-hold playlist. A POTS lines doesn’t have any of these features to begin with so a web portal is just an additional benefit.

These days, it is clear that VoIP phone service is ideal for any business, big or small. At Gabbit, we pride ourselves on providing a VoIP phone service that is perfect for small businesses with the simplest cost structure in the industry.