Let’s talk about what WebRTC is and why it matters to your business. WebRTC is short for Web Real-Time Communications and it’s already built into modern web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari and others. It brings a plethora of voice, data and video features to your devices without having to go through a cumbersome software download and installation process. It is also cross-platform so it doesn’t matter what device the person or people on the other end are using.

WebRTC has been used in the enterprise space for a while now. You’ve probably even used it but didn’t know you were. Maybe you were on your bank’s website and noticed a transaction that you didn’t recognize. Instead of calling the back, you clicked on the “Talk to a Banker” link. By clicking the link, you were connected to an agent who had access to all your information and, if you allowed access, the agent could even share your screen and review your account with you. Better still, you didn’t have to wait in a call queue or spend time authenticating your identity and providing account information because you already did that by logging into your account on the bank’s website.

The Benefits of WebRTC

OK, so that’s a great example of how a giant company might be using WebRTC, but how does this help a small company?  Here are some examples; (1) A small law office reviewing contracts with a client on the other side of the country, (2) a retailer hosting a video store managers’ meeting from four locations, (3) an investment advisor discussing portfolio changes with her clients while sharing research from her computer screen and (4) an event planner/caterer going over decorations and menu items for a wedding with a couple who lives in another city. These are all real examples of Gabbit customers who are using our WebRTC features (still in beta).

Is WebRTC Affordable?

Now for the next question, how does a small company afford WebRTC? That’s easy, Gabbit is rolling out a complete WebRTC platform and we will be including every feature for less than the monthly price of a telephone line. You will be able to connect with your team, clients, and customers in ways that used to be available only to large companies and you’ll be able to do it without investing in any software development or climbing a steep learning curve.

WebRTC is coming to small businesses at a price they can afford. If you want more information on how WebRTC can help your small business, contact us today.