VoIP Connections- Tips for Professional Voicemail Greetings

You already know that the VoIP service you get from Gabbit is reliable and advanced technology that keeps you connected to your staff and clients. You use the phone app so your employees can keep their own devices and stay connected wherever they are. You have probably saved so much money with Gabbit’s VoIP service that your business is getting more calls than ever! Of course, that means there’s a good chance that one of those calls will be sent to voicemail. Take that opportunity to show your stakeholders that excellent service doesn’t end at the beep. Here are some important tips to creating the best voicemail greetings.

1.) Record it yourself.

Many services offer a computer-generated voicemail announcement stating you are unavailable. This is perfectly acceptable for Jerry in the mailroom or Liz in delivery. For customer facing positions, however, your voice makes a connection that a computer voice does not. It shows that you care enough to say that their call is important beyond just saying the words.

2.) Identify yourself.

State your name, business, division, etc. early in the greeting. This will save time for someone who might have reached your line by accident. You do have the opportunity to add information about what you can offer. If you sell a particular product, for example, mention that you are the source for that product and that you will call back with a great price or quick shipping right away.

3.) Be succinct and accurate.

None of us want to listen to a two-minute greeting. Make sure to include the important information and nothing else. Also, make sure that information is accurate. Provide your callers with an expectation of when they will hear back from you. Don’t say you will call back in an hour when it is usually the next business day. Clear calls to action are always appreciated.

4.) Smile and practice.

You really do sound different when you smile as you speak, so keep that in mind as you record your greeting. Even the best communicators have problems winging it, so feel free to write out a script and practice before recording. If not, you might find yourself starting over several times.

5.) Speak slowly and clearly.

You might want to fit a lot of information into a short amount of time. The only thing a fast and furious voicemail will do is cause your callers to call back and listen again. Especially when providing alternative phone numbers or instructions, make sure to speak clearly and loud enough for your caller to hear the first time.

6.) Omit the music.

On hold music is awesome, but you don’t need accompaniment to your voicemail greeting. Record your greeting in a quiet place free from talking coworkers, copy machines and beeping microwaves.

7.) Keep your voicemail up to date.

If you change your voicemail to announce a holiday or vacation, make sure you change it back when you return. We’ve all rolled our eyes when we hear a message that the person will return after New Year’s Day and we are calling in February. Keep your voicemail greeting current and on point.

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