Voice Communication in a Remote Work World

There was a time that working from home was a rare and attractive enticement for recruiting personnel.

At the height of the ongoing pandemic, an estimated 43% of full-time employees in the United States worked remotely. This sudden and substantial change was a logistical nightmare for many unprepared organizations. At a time when communication is essential, an adaptable and reliable phone system is one choice your business can make with confidence.

A cloud-based VoIP phone system is your solution to integrating voice communication inside and outside the traditional workplace. No matter where your employees are, they are able to continue important functions of their job seamlessly with a phone number and internet connection. Making a cloud-based phone system a part of your business continuity plan keeps operations flowing during this pandemic and beyond. Working from home is no longer a short-term solution for many businesses. It has become a permanent fixture that requires a long-term strategy.

If your organization still utilizes a traditional phone system, employees that work outside the office either miss important calls or must set up new hardware at home to accommodate the line. You can save money with VoIP services for your remote work force. VoIP may not require new equipment at all. A computer or smartphone can be used rather than a traditional headset. Your new VoIP service requires less overhead with phone cables and wires that often need replacing. Long are a thing of the past and you can dial extension to extension from anywhere in the world. Our industry professionals at Gabbit can answer your questions about how VoIP fits well within your budget.

With VoIP, your staff can work from just about any location. There will be no more rerouting phone lines or calling in to check messages. Employees can even utilize software for an iPhone or Android device to maintain connection with each other and your customers. Additional features such as unlimited voicemail boxes, virtual attendants and ring groups make the choice of Gabbit VoIP service even smarter. Customizing the communication service, you need is exactly what we do.

Remote workers report better productivity and wellbeing than their office-based counterparts. With the increased mobility of VoIP, this translates directly to your bottom line. This technology means you are engaged with your employees, they are engaged with each other and your customer base. Group audio conferences, webinars and other virtual meetings are easy and reliable for your office and home-based employees. VoIP offers a comprehensive communications solution for your entire organization.

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