Music On Hold

We’ve all been stuck on hold, listening to the same loop of elevator music while a robotic voice tells us how important our business is. However, music on hold doesn’t have to an auditory purgatory. Gabbit’s music on hold option can entertain, inform, and keep your customers on the line until you can get down to business. There is some interesting science behind the effectiveness of the right music on hold, too.

Our perception of time is a fickle thing. When it comes to music on hold, it has been shown that slower-tempo music can actually make wait times feel shorter. The theory is that slower music is less mentally stimulating, allowing our minds to wander and reducing our focus on the passage of time. Our time perception can also be drastically altered by engaging stimuli. Well-structured hold programs that incorporate varied music with informative messages can make the wait seem shorter.

Beyond our experience of time passing, music on hold from Gabbit can also influence our mood and emotional state. Upbeat and calming melodies can elevate a caller’s mood, making them more patient and receptive when they finally connect with an agent. Conversely, loud, fast-paced music can be jarring and create feelings of frustration. The key lies in choosing music that creates a positive emotional response. Companies often opt for classical music or instrumental pieces, as they tend to be less polarizing and evoke feelings of relaxation or focus.

Another factor that affects the success of music on hold is predictability. While a little variety can keep things from getting monotonous, excessively changing genres or introducing jarring shifts in tempo can be disruptive. Our brains crave a sense of order, and predictable music on hold provides a comforting structure during an inherently frustrating experience.

Use music on hold for more than keeping customers engaged. Music on hold can also be strategically used to convey brand identity. Imagine a high-energy sports apparel company using a playlist filled with adrenaline-pumping rock music. While it might not be ideal for calming a frustrated caller, it aligns with the brand’s energetic image. Conversely, using music that clashes with the brand image can be disastrous. A luxury car dealership blasting heavy metal would likely alienate its target audience.

Before your customers start humming along to the clear notes of music on hold from Gabbit, make sure they listen to customizable greetings you can upload and change as often as you like. Your customers will appreciate the human voice and personal touch available with a welcoming greeting.

Gabbit’s technology allows clients to customize
music on hold settings, add greetings, and easily enable
and disable music on hold with the click of a mouse.

You’ve come to know Gabbit for our state-of-the-art cloud-based communication services, so you should expect nothing less from our advanced features. Beyond innovation, our platform offers an array of features designed to elevate your connectivity objectives. Whether it’s empowering your workforce with the flexibility of VoIP or captivating your clientele with custom music on hold, we ensure a tailored experience. the chorus of satisfied clients who attest to the unmatched performance of Gabbit. For cloud-based communication solutions from a customer focused company, call Gabbit at 855-542-2248 or Say more. Spend less.