Keep Your Phone Number with VoIP

Moving your business to VoIP is akin to swapping out clunky cassette tapes for sleek MP3s. It is a smart choice that opens a world of new possibilities. Amidst the upgrade buzz, one question often arises. “Can I keep my existing phone number with VoIP?”

Fear not. Your business number can be moved to your awesome Gabbit VoIP service in a process called number porting which is covered by the FCC. The result is a seamless transfer of your comfortable digits from your traditional phone service to your brand-new VoIP system. Before we celebrate your newly your liberated digits, let the experts here at Gabbit delve into number porting and how your business can benefit from our VoIP solutions.

How does number porting work?

First, congratulations are in order. You have chosen Gabbit to provide your business superior VoIP services. That is the place to start when porting your phone number to the world of cloud-based communications. Next, notify your old service and Gabbit that you want to port your number. Both providers exchange details about your phone line to ensure everything goes smoothly. On a designated date, your number gracefully twirls from old service to new. Voila! You’re now making and receiving calls with your cherished number with state-of-the-art Gabbit VoIP.

What is the downside to number porting?

Not all numbers are portable: Some exotic lines and those attached to contracts might not qualify. Discuss specific cases with your providers.

Temporary service disruption: During the switch, your line might experience a minor hiccup. Downtime should be extremely quick, but be prepared for a brief blip.

What is the upside to number porting?

Holding onto your number is more than just sentimental. It’s about continuity. Your customers already know your number. Existing contacts easily reach you, maintaining relationships and business deals. Your trusted number stays prominent, boosting brand awareness and loyalty. You appear reliable and established, especially with clients accustomed to the number. You also don’t have to change any marketing materials, printed materials, or website.

Keeping your number with VoIP from Gabbit isn’t just possible, it’s practical and beneficial. So, embrace the exciting upgrade, savor the familiar comfort of your ported number, and enjoy the delicious world of communication possibilities that VoIP unlocks.

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